Food for Soul !

Aditi Bhutia Madan cooks up some of the soul rejuvanting himalayan cuisines

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"Making a universal food palate was always my dream"

Aditi’s inspiring journey, from an Employee to a CEO  (BluePine and Yangkiez) . Gives hope to young women to aim high and work towards it. Learning and exploring new things, she mastered her forte, cooking, into an extraordinary talent that won her many accolades nationally and internationally. Today, she is the symbol of hope for thousands of homemakers who cannot go out to work for themselves due to their commitments in life. She is also the real-life example of how cooking, a simple and mundane activity, can take an ordinary woman to extraordinary heights. Learn more abut Thehimalyan chef catering Widest Range of Authentic Cuisine Based on Traditional Families From Himalayan Region!

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